Have a question for me? Email it!

-Will you send me a video or a demo track?

-Steve Perry's solo stuff is on here. Why don't you have Jonathan's/Neal's?
Because I don't have enough interest to buy copies and document them. Try their official sites for info.

-I have an album/video/single you left out! Why isn't it on here?
If there's something missing, please, by all means email me. Chances are I don't know about it, so I'll need all the information you can give me (and a scan). And as always, you'll get credit for scans. Hooray, credit.

-Do you still write fanfic?
What fanfic?

-Where can I find Journey fanfiction?
The Journey Library still exists in a limited capacity. Also, check out the archive of Double Obsession. If you're a fan of slash (aren't we all), check it out.

-You're a sick person! I'm emailing Journeymusic/Fanasylum about this!
Go ahead, they know and they don't care.

-Does Journey know about this site?

What if someone from Journey did see this site?
I hope they would appreciate the effort.

Taken directly from the guestbook:

-Are you in contact with any of the members of JOURNEY?
No, I am not.

-Have you ever met the band?
Yes. I was privileged enough to be able to spend some time backstage in Marysville, CA in 2006. Jeff and Jonathan were very nice, and the rest of them I didn't get a chance to chat with. In the past, I got to shake Steve Perry's hand at the Walk of Fame and I gave him one of my sketches.

-How can I write directly to a band member telling him how he influenced my life?
Well, there are no real direct ways to reach any of them. Apparently some of them use Journeymusic blogs and Facebook pages these days but I don't know if they actually read comments. Jonathan Cain may get your message if you email his website. Since Steve Perry does not have an official website, there is no sure way to get in contact with him. The closest you might come is by contacting him through FanAsylum if he does a Q&A with fans.