I'm Sarah Boatwright and I dabble in design. I'm self-taught and in Photoshop and HTML/CSS, and I'm always learning. I designed and coded this portfolio and some of the following websites. I've also done some freelance design, seen below.

All of my graphics are done in Adobe Photoshop, in which I taught beginner workshops at UCLA's largest computer lab for two years. I also have video editing experience using Final Cut Pro, iMovie, and Windows Movie Maker.

I'm available for full-time work in California, as I currently live in Los Angeles. I can be reached at this email. I'm looking forward to working with you!



Design and HTML/CSS coding. Site viewable here.


Design and HTML/CSS coding. Site now offline.


Software UI design.

UCLA Library

Desktop background proposed for UCLA Library public computers. Design provided the basis for the final background.

Wine Shop 1
Wine Shop 2
Wine Shop 3

Banners for wine shop in Louisiana. Client requested several banners with these colors and typeface. Site not yet online.


Made updates to existing text in upper right, which was part of a graphic. Site viewable here.

TJ Ribs

Re-created navigation bar and header graphics. Previous designer had provided lower quality graphics. Site viewable here.

Infinity Evolution

Desktop icons for Windows Vista. (.ico files linked)

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Sample of avatars created for forum and blog use. Many more viewable here.


Also, visit my DeviantART profile, as well as the art section of Journeyloaded.com for more digital and pencil art.

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