1. Which album is good to start with as a new fan?
If you own nothing already, get Greatest Hits. If you already own that... I would recommend that you poll one of the many Journey forums (make sure to let them know what your favorite hits are!)

2. What am I missing if I don't have a Japanese release?
Some Japanese albums like Trial By Fire through Generations have bonus tracks and alternate artwork. However, most of these bonus tracks were released in America with the 2006 reissues of Journey's works.

3. Who did the artwork on the albums?
Mouse & Kelley did the artwork for Infinity through Frontiers. Prairie Prince did Raised on Radio's cover. The credits listed for Trial By Fire's art (and I assume its singles) are Nancy Donald, David Coleman, and Steven Adler. Christopher Payne designed the second release of Red13.

4. When's the next album coming out?
Revelation was released on June 3, 2008

5. How many albums has the band sold?
According to the RIAA, Journey's US sales (as of 12/08) stand at 47 million units. They are the 28th top selling artist in the United States.

6. What is the controversy surrounding Raised On Radio?
There were only three official members of the band at that point. The album was produced by Steve Perry, and to some, it sounds too much like Street Talk. A lot of talk surrounds Perry's control over the band at that point, and it is largely addressed in VH1's Behind the Music special. Because of this, you'll find a very divided group of ROR lovers vs haters.

7. What is the controversy surrounding Trial By Fire?
Where to start? The conspiracy theories are many. Some that have circulated include:
-The band was about to reunite sans Steve Perry until he expressed interest in the project.
-Perry only did the album so that Sony would support his solo singles in return.
-Perry only wanted in if Herbie Herbert was out.
-Perry faked his hip injury.
-The band should(n't) have given Perry an ultimatum on having surgery or leaving the band.
-Some feel that the band shouldn't have used the name Journey if they were to continue without Perry.

Any of the above may be completely or partially untrue, but they are out there. Needless to say, these radical opinions have caused a lot of fighting and a lot of blame between both band members and fans. Trial By Fire is an excellent album in its own right, but there's a lot of drama surrounding it.