1. What are the chart standings for Journey's singles?
A really great site for this is here. It looks to be current up to the release of the Greatest Hits DVD (2004). The highest charting single from Journey was "Open Arms" in 1981.

2. What are some of the inspirations behind the songs?
-Lights, although sung now about the city by the bay, was actually written about Los Angeles. "And the sun shines on LA" was the original lyric.
-Wheel In The Sky was originally a poem by Ross Valory's wife.
-Too Late was written for a drug-addicted friend of Steve Perry's.
-Sweet and Simple was inspired by Lake Tahoe.
-Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin' is the true story of Perry's unfaithful girlfriend of the time.
-Any Way You Want It is about a groupie.
-Don't Stop Believin' was inspired by the characters on LA's Sunset Strip.
-Who's Crying Now was written on a rainy day at Jonathan Cain's home; Perry hummed the tune and Cain suggested the name and theme.
-Still They Ride was inspired by Perry's childhood in California's San Joaquin Valley.
-Separate Ways arose from the pain of band member divorces and breakups.
-Faithfully is an ode to Jonathan Cain's wife and the difficulty of life on the road.
-Most songs on Raised on Radio were written by Perry and Cain as ways to work through difficulties (romantically and otherwise) in their personal lives.
-Why Can't This Night Go On Forever is a fan appreciation track.
-Easy To Fall is about the pain of drug and alcohol addiction.
-When I Think Of You is a tribute to Perry's mother.
-Beyond The Clouds was inspired by the events of 9/11.

3. What is some of the inspiration behind Steve Perry's solo songs?
Perry has said that all of his songs have some relation to his real life.
-Oh, Sherrie was written for his girlfriend of the time, Sherrie Swafford. She also stars in the video.
-Captured By The Moment pays tribute to some of Perry's favorite late public figures.
-Donna, Please is a mystery. According to Perry, he promised he would never tell where the song came from.
-Missing You is about Sherrie as well, as Perry stated at some of his solo concerts.
-For The Love of Strange Medicine describes the hardships of vices and things in excess.
-Anyway is widely believed to be referring to Perry's feelings about Journey.

4. Who writes the majority of Journey's songs?
Neal Schon has the most songwriting credits. Jonathan Cain is a close second. Steve Perry has contributed to many songs as well.

5. Which songs have been heard on TV shows or in the movies?
Some examples... Films:


6. What is sung at the intro to Message of Love?
The intro is a backmasked vocal singing "message of love". You can hear the "reversed" version here.

7. What is said at the beginning of Captured?
"Bon soir, Montreal!" (Good evening, Montreal)

8. Why is Steve Perry credited for writing on In Self Defense?
That song was originally recorded by Schon & Hammer in the 80s. It was remade for Generations, and its original credits came along with it. Steve Perry is not currently writing new songs with Journey.